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Bram Strookman

Meet Bram Strookman. As a native of The Netherlands, I started playing field hockey at age six and continued to do so until moving to The United States two years ago to marry my beautiful wife, Layne. Shortly after we welcomed our daughter, Lily, the light of my life and a future field hockey player herself.

As a young athlete I wanted to share my passion for field hockey with others. At age fourteen I started coaching my first team, and have never stopped coaching since. Currently, I enjoy coaching the varsity, junior varsity, and middle school field hockey teams at The Pembroke Hill School.

With a bachelor's degree in physical education from The Hague University in The Netherlands, it is my hope to bring my love for sports, specifically field hockey, to the Kansas City area. I know there is great potential for this fantastic sport among the area's youth, and I cannot wait to inspire the next generation of field hockey players.

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