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Bram Strookman

Meet Bram Strookman. As a native of The Netherlands, I started playing field hockey at age six and continued to do so until moving to The United States in 2016. 

As a young athlete I wanted to share my passion for field hockey with others. At age fourteen I started coaching my first team, and have never stopped coaching since. Currently, I enjoy coaching the varsity, junior varsity, and middle school field hockey teams at The Pembroke Hill School.

With a bachelor's degree in physical education from The Hague University in The Netherlands, it is my hope to bring my love for sports, specifically field hockey, to the Kansas City area. I know there is great potential for this fantastic sport among the area's youth, and I cannot wait to inspire the next generation of field hockey players.

Bram recently completed Level 3 of USA Field Hockey coaches course.

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